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Add Spell-Checking to Any Windows Application

Spell Checking! Something that Notepad really lacked. Off course! Typing directly in your word processor will provide you a spell checker. But applications like notepad are useful when typing some quick notes. Not just notepad, some of your favourite programs may not have one.

Here's a nifty little tool that lets you 'Add' spell checking features to your favourite applications.
It's called Tiny Spell Checker!

Tiny Spell checks your typing on-the-fly and alerts you with beeps(which can be disabled) when a word is misspelled.
It does not underline misspelled words. Instead, a little box appears that displays the misspelled word. Clicking the small box will provide a list of legible words (image below).

Tiny Spell can also check the spelling of every word you copy to the clipboard. It uses an American-English dictionary with 110,000 words. Users can add their own words to this dictionary.
Tiny Spell sits in the system tray from where you can control all options. It is Free! A paid version is also available.

[Download TinySpell]

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, April 01, 2008