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View Multiple PDF Files in different Tabs with Foxit Reader

Running a PDF document had always been a pain with Acrobat Reader. Many users complained about the memory it consumed and the time it took Acrobat to open a PDF file. Remember those slow and annoying splash screens?

A lot changed since Foxit PDF Reader hit the scene as it is small and incredibly fast when it comes to opening and viewing PDF files. That was enough for me to make the switch.
Although more recent versions of Acrobat Reader has significant improvements that would make one go back to using it, the lastest Foxit Reader takes the cake.

Some of the new features include -

1. Multi-tab PDF viewing
Just like you view web pages with multiple tabs in Firefox, Foxit allows you to view multiple PDF files in different tabs.

2. Users can create bookmarks
Now users have the ability to add, edit, delete bookmarks for PDF document, if the security settings allow.

3. Multimedia Support
Foxit Reader can now read multimedia content from PDF files. Support for many media formats in audio and video has been included.

4. Automatic Scrolling
Users can view documents without using the mouse or keyboard.

These are only some of the new features that were worth mentioning here. Foxit Reader is Free! Foxit Reader is Windows only.
Check it out..

[Download Foxit Reader]

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, April 27, 2008


How can I view multiple tabs of the same document? That would be extremely useful in long documents.
Comment by Anonymous Anonymous on December 8, 2012 at 5:54 AM  
Also, I would really like it if I could have the tab bar up at all times, even with just 1 document.. Because I hate hitting control+W.