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Upload and Share Files Upto 5 GB with File Dropper

Not many have an internet connection that allows to upload a file up to 5 GB in size. 5 GB is too big for many ISPs, at least at this point of time. The few ones who have a really fast connection are going to like File Dropper.

File Dropper is a service that lets you upload a file up to 5 GB. Upload limit aside, it was the ease of use that caught my fancy. One only has to press the upload button and select a file; the upload begins immediately using ajax techniques.
After completion, a link is provided to download the file.

According to File Dropper, a file is hosted on its servers as long as it is being downloaded. There is no information on how long the file can exist if it isn't downloaded.
Anyway, a neat and easy site to share your stuff with friends. Wonder who's got the time to upload a file up to 5 GB? Not me!

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, April 08, 2008