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Auto Shutdown PC After Finishing Downloads in Firefox

Almost all download managers have the feature to automatically shutdown your PC after any download get completed. Many users, however, still download files using the browser, which lacks features that are usually included in a standalone download manager.

One such feature is 'Automatic PC shutdown after download completion'. If you are in the habit of heavily downloading files, especially during the night when ISPs remove bandwidth caps, this is one hell of a feature.
Firefox users (if you use Firefox's default download manager) are in some luck, thanks to an addon called Auto Shutdown. Auto Shutdown does exactly as its name suggests; shuts down your PC after all downloads are completed in Firefox.

Auto Shutdown appears as a small icon near the Firefox status bar. Click the icon to activate it. Now, Firefox will shutdown after all the downloads in the queue gets completed. It's kinda neat 'Set it and Forget it' tool.

Note: Auto Shutdown was tested with Firefox's default downloaded manager on Windows XP.
Happy downloading!!

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, May 18, 2008