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Directly Download Full Yahoo Messenger (not the Online Installer)

Installing Yahoo! Messenger on a PC is a two step process. This is because the first file you download from Yahoo is actually an online installer and not the setup for Yahoo! Messenger. The installer then downloads the setup file during the installation process, which may take time depending on your internet connection.

Wouldn't it be much better to download the Yahoo! Messenger setup file instead of the online installer? That's quite easy..

Just add the letter 'y' at the beginning of the filename of your download link.
For example, if the Yahoo! download link is -
Add 'y' and it becomes -
The above link will get you the full messenger setup file.

Note: The above link is for Yahoo! Messenger 9 Beta. After downloading, Yahoo! Messenger's Insider Popup window get's enabled. Yes, that's the small screen that always appears when you login. To disable that, read Remove Yahoo! Messenger Insider Popup Window.
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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, June 16, 2008


thanks a lot.... my internet speed is slow 115kbps... but now i can download yahoo messenger using mass downloader.... thank u very much...