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Fax Documents for Free Over the Internet

Fax machines aren't used much these days. Blame it on email. But when you do want to fax a document, consider using the Internet instead of a fax machine. Read on the know why... is a file hosting site which lets you fax documents for free [in the US; would be great if more countries are included]. The documents can be in pdf or doc formats and should not exceed more that 20 pages or 100MB in size.

How to fax files from
To fax a document, upload it to After a document is uploaded, a 'Send' button is displayed below it. Clicking it will open a page from where you can fax the document to a recipient [Currently, free faxes are limited to only recipients in the US.].
Alternatively, you can also send the file as an MMS to a mobile phone or email it.

Finally, one must remember that using this service exposes your files to a third-party other than you and your recipient. If your documents are too important, using a regular fax machine should be preferred. Otherwise, this is a great service to use.

If you are in Canada, FaxZero can help you fax documents for free. There are some limitations - only two faxes allowed per day. Each fax may only have at most 3 pages. But it's free nonetheless.

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, June 05, 2008