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Safely Surf Unsafe Websites using a Sandbox

After spending(loosing) the last three days cleaning my infected PC, I have become a bit obsessed about securing my computer, particularly while surfing the internet.
The virus/trojan I found recently was a nasty one; which blocked all anti-virus & spyware tools. To top that, it was also effective in Windows safe mode.

At home, everyone uses the same PC, I'm the only one who use Firefox, the other's use IE or Opera. I don't want to write about which browser, software or which user was at fault.
The need of the hour is to take precautions. Some really good precautions while surfing.

What can be done? How to be safe while surfing potentially harmful sites?
For me, the safest way is to use a 'Sandbox' while visiting websites. A 'Sandbox' acts as a cover for your system. Just start your favourite web browser in a sandbox and surf the net. If a virus is downloaded and activated it is actually in the sandbox. Closing or deleting the sandbox will stop or delete the virus. Your actual system is always safe.

How to make a 'Sandbox'?
It can be done with a free tool call Sandboxie. Check out my previous post on how Sandboxie saves your system.

Having an anti-virus is good, but they consume a lot of resources and slows down my PC. Anyway, most of them will never detect a new virus or trojan. Sanboxie is a better and cheaper choice (both in terms of money and system resources). Also, deleting a sandbox after every use is a very good idea; it will give you a clean state the next time you start the sandbox.

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, June 23, 2008