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Edit Pictures Online and Save them

I don't usually edit pictures unless it is required. My usage is very limited; like resizing images to be used in my posts. Today, I stumbled on a very handy web service that fits my needs. Actually, more than my needs, as the service lets me do more with pictures than just resizing. And a lot of it for free!

Snipshot is a website that allows easy and smooth editing of images online. Images uploaded on Snipshot can be resized, cropped, rotated, recoloured or enhanced with just a few clicks. With a slick editing interface, using the Snipshot dashboard is a breeze. An undo button is also provided to quickly rollback recent changes.

The edited images can be directly emailed or hosted on a image hosting site for free. Off course, it can be saved to your PC in six different formats which includes jpg, gif, png, pdf, psd and tif.
Snipshot has also got a Firefox addon which lets you to edit any images in Firefox with just a right-click. Check it out!

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, July 03, 2008