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Find if your Gmail Account is Sneaked into?

Worried that someone else is logging into your Gmail account and reading your emails? Till now, you really couldn't know if somebody other than you is checking your mails.
Worry not! Gmail now lets you track most recent sessions (i.e who logged in to your account most recently).

Just look over at the bottom of your inbox page. A line of text displays the last account activity. If someone else has logged in at the same time, that information will also be displayed.

For more detailed information on account activity, click the 'Details' link on that line; this opens a new window which provides the IP addresses from where the Gmail account was accessed.
If you find any of the IP addresses suspicious, it's high time you change the Gmail account password.

Remote Sign out -
This is another cool feature! If you accessed Gmail from a friend's place and for some reason forgot to log off, the remote sign off feature will come in handy. The 'Sign out of all other sessions' button lets you sign out of the Gmail session you started at your friend's or any other place, even if you forgot to log out from there.

More details at Official Gmail site

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, July 24, 2008