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Improve your Pictures Online in One Easy Step

A few days ago I wrote about a nice and easy tool called Snipshot that edits images online. As I has said earlier, I liked Snipshot because it was easy as it didn't have tons of options to modify images.
And guess what? I have found another site that improves image quality, very very easily.

ImproveYourImages is a website that easily enhances your existing pictures (Only jpeg images supported currently). And like Snipshot, it is the ease of use that made me write on it. In fact, improving your photo takes only one step. This one is much easier!

Just upload the image and the web service will automatically correct colours, lighting etc. The enhanced photo is displayed alongside the original one and can be downloaded. That's all.

If you aren't used to editing with photo editing tools, this will be handy. My only concern is, the site gets slow sometimes. Hope it gets fixed. Check it out.

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, July 21, 2008