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Instantly Hide Open Windows with a Hotkey - Avoid Snoopers in Office

You take a quick break in office by surfing your favourite sites on the net. Suddenly, boss turns up and finds you not working; not a situation anyone would like to be in.
The best one can do to avoid it is to minimize the window which requires you to click the really small button very swiftly. This won't hide the application as it is still displayed in the taskbar. Another option is to completely close the window, but you run the risk of loosing the current state. Both these approaches are not quick either.

How about hiding open windows with just a hotkey? I mean the application should be completely hidden i.e from the Windows taskbar too.

Magic Boss Key is a free utility that lets you do it. It can hide active windows of browsers, folders, applications and all desktop icons and the taskbar when you hit the hotkey. The biggest advantage here is the speed with which it closes the open screens.
This can be neatly used in combination with my previous tip on secretly surfing the internet.

A nice little tool indeed. Check it out!

[Download Magic Boss Key]

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Friday, July 18, 2008


UltraHide from XetoWare is by the the best hider out there. it has password protection of windows and is reliable and fast. Check it out:
Try Minime too- It hides window under minime icon