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Password Lock your Secret Notes with Locknote

There are tons of encryption tools available. A problem with a good majority of them is ease of use. For example, if I have to read an encrypted file, I'll have to unlock or decrypt that file by providing the password. This is usually a multi-step process where you open the decryption program, select the file to unlock and finally get the readable version.
How about doing all of this is a single click?

LockNote lets you do it. As the name suggests, LockNote locks notes. Just open up the LockNote application; a Notepad like interface is displayed where you can type your thing and close. It prompts you for a password while closing.
You will be asked for that password when opening the file the next time.

Additionally, LockNote lets you convert your existing text files. Just drag and drop them over the LockNote window. For Example - If you drag and drop a secrets.txt file, Locknote will create a new secrets.exe file for you.

LockNote is free and doesn't require any installation. Enjoy!

[Download LockNote]

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, July 14, 2008