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Change 'Start' Button Text in Windows XP

Bored of the same old Windows 'Start' button? If you are, its time for a 'Start' button makeover. Not a complete makeover though, only the text.

Most of the methods I found were too complex and some of them involved lots of registry tweaking, which could probably make a mess of some critical Windows settings. I just wanted to know the simplest way, and I found one!

It's a small utility called Start Button Caption which only does one thing; change the Start button caption on Windows XP.
There is no need to install the software, just download and run. Type any text you wish to replace in the Start button and press the appropriate button to change the caption. That's all!
Another button is provided to get back the old text.

Note: Only 5 characters are displayed in the button, although this behaviour can be customized to include much more. That is a much lengthy process.

[Download Start Button Caption]

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, August 07, 2008