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Solar Powered Sun Jars that turn on at Night

Yeah! These look are kinda cool. 'Sun Jars' are solar powered lamps(jars) that have solar cells, a rechargeable battery and a LED lamp. Put the lamp in direct sunlight to charge it.
One thing you'll notice is, there are no visible switches. In fact, a sensor automatically lights the jar when it gets dark. If you do want to turn off the light at night to save some charge, a switch is provided inside the lid.

The jars have a frosted appearance to diffuse light. These water-light jars are available in orange and blue colours.
Something perfect for your garden. What do you think?

Check the price here. It is available for around 36 USD. You can, however, make one of those yourself with this guide at LifeHacker. Check it out!

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Thursday, August 14, 2008