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Always use HTTPS in Gmail to stay Secure

I bet many Gmail users don't login using HTTPS; they use HTTP. This can get you in trouble when you login from an non-secure internet connection, for example, a public wireless network or any non-encrypted network. A hacker can potentially login to your Google account without even knowing your password!

To avoid this, using HTTPS is the way to go. It isn't difficult. Just type -
However, there will be times when you forget to add https in the address bar. This is where Gmail's new setting comes in handy. Gmail has a feature which forces you to always use an https connection. Here's the way to set it -

1. Login to Gmail. Click Settings at the top of the Gmail page.

2. Set Browser Connection setting to Always use https.

Make your Gmail sessions secure by changing the browser connection settings in Gmail to Always use https3. Click Save Changes and Reload Gmail.

That's all! Now your entire sessions will be encrypted over a network every time you sign-in to Gmail. It will be a bit slower, but security should always come first.

Note: Some issues may turn up for Gmail Notifier users and Gmail mobile application. Find more about this here.
Even if someone sneaks into your Gmail account, there are ways to find that too!

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, September 29, 2008