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Get a Mac-Like Dock for Windows

Do you like the application dock in Mac operating systems? It looks good and productive. The dock allows you to directly access programs without the hassle of going through the clutter of desktop shortcuts or the slow(really slow) Start menu in Windows operating systems.
Obviously, you got to have a Mac to have this dock. But if you have Windows, here is your chance to have a Mac like dock in Windows!

Rocket Dock in action. Rocket Dock creates Mac like program launching dock in Windows -
It's called RocketDock! What's that?
RocketDock is a free software program that creates a smooth Mac like dock in Windows. With a bucket-load of options, RocketDock is highly customizable. If that is not enough for you, wait till you read this one; RocketDock can be customized with a decent number of user created addons! And these addons are available for free, just like in Firefox.
Some of the addons let you logoff, shutdown or put your Windows in standby directly from the dock.

Another important point to mention is the memory consumed by RocketDock; it only took around 6 MB; so this can work even if you have a slower computer. Makes it worthy for a try? Check it out!
Tested on Windows XP.

[Download RocketDock]

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, September 15, 2008


RocketDock is awesome, but on slower computers, it'll eat your CPU when you're flipping through the icons. (Check the Task Manager as you run your mouse across all the icons).