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Make MP3 Files Louder (or Quieter)

The sound output of some MP3 songs on my computer are just too low. Increasing the MP3 player's volume hasn't really helped. This is a very common issue with mp3 files; some sound too low, some are too loud. Here are some ways to increase the sound output of an mp3 file i.e to make them louder.

Using a Software - MP3Gain
MP3Gain is a free software to adjust the sound of mp3 files. We'll use it to increase the volume of low sounding mp3 files.
1. Download and install MP3Gain.
2. Start the application.
3. Use the 'Add Files' button to add the mp3 files for which you wish to up the volume.
4. Set the volume you want to apply in the 'Target volume' box.
5. Click 'Track Analysis'. This displays the current volume of the file.
6. Hit 'Track Gain' button to change the volume of the mp3 file to what is specified in step 4.

Using a Web Site - Vloud
If you are looking for an easier way to increase the volume, head over to Vloud. It's free and there is not need to install anything.
Vloud has just four options - light, loud, louder, loudest. Select the one your prefer and upload the file.
The file can be downloaded after the changes are applied. Apart from mp3, Vloud also supports wav files.
One caveat though; only files upto 10 MB can be uploaded.

Also, Vloud seems be very inconsistent at times. I personally prefer MP3Gain.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Monday, January 05, 2009


Have you used Vloud? I did once.. and found it isn't that reliable. Sometimes the mp3 won't upload and at other times you find out that there isn't any appreciable change at all!

Anyway nice post.. am gonna download Mp3Gain now..


@Shantanu - Yes! Vloud is very erratic. MP3Gain has been doing a great job for me since a long time. That's why I put MP3Gain before Vloud in the post.
Comment by Anonymous ravi on April 28, 2013 at 10:45 PM  
mp3 gain is not working properly, it shows nothing(progress)>>>>