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Password Protect Word, Excel and PowerPoint Files

Sometimes, you got to have additional protection while emailing documents that are confidential. Encrypting them with a password is an option. More often than not, email attachments include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or Powerpoint presentations. Here are the ways to encrypt them with a pasword.

Password Protect Word, Excel and Powerpoint files
1. Go to Tools >> Options. In the Options box, click the Security tab.
2. There are two password text boxes :
a. Password to Open. (Required to open the file.)
b. Password to Modify. (Required password to edit the file.)
3. Click Ok and confirm the password again when prompted.
4. Save the file. The file will now be password protected.

Note: The above steps were tested with Office 2003.
An alternative way is to put the files in a zip or rar file that requires a password to open. This is how I use to protect files. An advantage of this method is you can put files of any format into the archive.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, January 20, 2009