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Rename File Extensions in Windows

Changing file extensions in Windows through menus is quite a bit lengthy. If you love using the command prompt, here's a really easy way.

Change File Extension of a single file through command prompt

. Open up Command prompt. Go to Start >> Run. Type cmd and hit Enter.
2. Navigate to the directory which has the files. If the folder is D:\MyFolder, type the command
cd D:\MyFolder
3. Lets assume you want to change the file named sales.txt to sales.doc. Type the command
ren sales.txt sales.doc
This will change the extension .txt to .doc.

Change File Extension of multiple files together through command prompt (Batch rename extensions)

The command will be -
ren *.txt *.doc
This will change all .txt files to .doc files in the current directory.

Change File Extension through menus

1. In Explorer, go to Tools >> Folder Options.
2. Click View and uncheck the Hide extensions of known file types.
3. Now you can rename file.txt to file.doc directly.

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, August 09, 2009