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Virtual Desktop In Windows

Linux has this. Windows users may not be familiar with Virtual Desktop Managers. Having a virtual desktop turned out to be quite productive for me.

So what is a Virtual Desktop?
A virtual desktop allows you to organize your work in more than one desktop at the same time. Lets say you have two of them. Open some applications in one of them. You can now switch to the other desktop, and this one won't have the applications opened by you in the first one. Switch back to the first desktop to view the opened applications. You can run any programs in the second desktop. Both of them have their own 'workspaces'.

How do I get a Virtual Desktop in Windows?
VirtuaWin is a free application that gives you virtual desktops in Windows. It is small and easy to use.
VirtuaWin in Action - Virtual desktop in Windows
Just download and install it. A small icon appears in the system tray. You can just right-click it and hit next/previous to move between your virtual desktops or use the default Ctrl + Alt + (Any of the arrow keys) shortcut to do the same.
A must have to improve productivity.

[Download VirtuaWin]

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, September 20, 2009