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This post is about accessing blocked answers on Readers who don't use it please ignore this post...

I really hate Experts-Exchange when it blocks access to answers posted on it. Stack Overflow is eating into it, which is great but experts-exchange still pops quite a few times in Google search results

So here's a really easy was to view blocked posts on it -
1. Install Firefox .
2. Install User Agent Switcher addon.
3. In Firefox, go to Tools >> Default User Agent >> Search Robots. Select Googlebot 2.1.
Now when you go to experts-exchange through search results, it will believe that you are a Googlebot. And the answers aren't blocked anymore.
After you're done. Reset the User Agent settings to use the default user agent.

posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Sunday, February 14, 2010


Use Stack Overflow instead. (Sorry. I had to say it.)
Comment by Anonymous Anonymous on March 8, 2010 at 4:08 AM  
Or you scroll to the bottom. Doh.
Well yes it will work for now. Might even work for up to a few weeks but once the people see this post then they will just implement something like Google Bot suggests found here:

These are just some of the implementations that we have had to look at with The Easy API We offer a service that connects to multiple API's and provides a standardized interface. The issue comes when making some cURL calls when accessing data sometimes they require it to appear to be coming from different applications. It's really odd, but it's one thing that I've had to learn quickly when making the system.

For right now though ... very cool! I'm pumped to see how to do this, and hope it lasts for a long time.