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How to Make Thumbnail Photos from Videos

Here's a cool app to make sequential thumbnails from video clips (see image below). Its, not surprisingly, called Movie Thumbnailer. This is a command line application i.e no user interface is provided. However, it can be used without opening the command prompt in Windows.

Run it through Windows Explorer
1. Download Movie Thumbnailer.
2. Unzip all the files to a folder. Look for an executable file named mtn.exe.
3. Just drag and drop the video on the mtn.exe file. An image will be generated in that directory.

This method obviously has its caveats; the generated image will always have 3 columns, the image width is always the same. 

Run it through Command Prompt 
To use the progam with its full set of capabilities, the command prompt is required.
Some common options are -
-w : This specifies the width of the output image. Notice its a small w.
-c :  Specifies number of columns.
-s :  Specifies the number of seconds after which to grab a screenshot.

1. Navigate to the directory where the mtn.exe file is located using the cd command.
2. To generate a thumbnail sequence from a video file named file.mpg, with 4 columns and screenshots taken every 60 seonds, the command would be -
mtn -c 4 -s 60 D:\file.mpg

This command will generate a jpg file  in the same directory where the video file is located.
Movie Thumbnailer is free and available for Windows and Linux. Enjoy!

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posted by Vijeesh Ravindran, Tuesday, August 24, 2010